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Frequently Asked Questions About Shelby Car Keys Battery in Florida

How long does my Shelby car key battery last in Florida?

The Shelby car key battery on the smart key in Florida may last 2-3 years or 4-6 years as a regular key. The difference is the frequency of use. Smart keys have receivers and have to communicate with the vehicle when it's near or inside the car.

How much does Shelby car key battery cost?

The Shelby car key battery costs about $10-20 in Florida. The price may vary a bit based on the quantity you get and where you get it.

How do I know when my Florida Shelby car key battery is running low?

Signs that your Shelby car key battery is running low include the key fob not responding when pressed, or the range at which the key fob can be used to lock/unlock the car decreasing.

Can a dead battery in my Shelby car key fob prevent my car from starting?

No, a dead battery in your Shelby car key will not prevent your car from starting. However, it may prevent you from being able to use the keyless entry or push-button start features of your car.

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